How to Buy

 How do you buy the guide?

Both ebooks and hard copies of the book are available for purchase. The print copy of the book includes all maps and graphs. In addition to the maps and graphs, the ebook contains some photos.

The ebook of this book is available for purchase on Amazon. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to fund health and medical research in disadvantaged settings. A link to the site to purchase the book is available here.

You can purchase copies of the book online, and these will be posted to your address. You can purchase copies via Paypal here

Print copies of the book are available in the following outlets in Mussoorie:
Hotel Padmini Nivas
Cambridge Books
Hanifl Centre
Prakash's (Sister's Bazaar)
Nataraj (Dehra Dun)
Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Please note that there are often changes in access to different paths. On our last visit, access was no longer possible in one part of a path. If you purchase a book, or have already purchased a copy, we provide an update of the changes here.

The GPS files are also available for purchase here.
Please allow a few days for these files to be delivered.