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 About the walking guide

For most visitors to Mussoorie, the Mall is the beginning and the end. Most tourists take a walk or cycle rickshaw along the Mall, do a little shopping, perhaps take the ropeway up to Gun Hill, and enjoy a meal in one of the numerous restaurants along the Mall. But there is much more to see and do beyond the Mall, and this book will help you to discover the beauty of the region. We have been lucky enough to spend extended periods in Mussoorie so have had plenty of time to discover these walks. But those who visit Mussoorie for only days or weeks have no time to waste on dead-ends. This book will help visitors get the most out of their visit to Mussoorie.

In this book we provide a step-by-step guide to each of the walks. This is needed because there are no signs that guide the way. Even most of the residents in Mussoorie would not know how to reach many of these remote places around Mussoorie, nor have they experienced the natural beauty of the area.

We constructed all the maps in this book using a global positioning system device, so they are all to scale. At the front of the book we provide a master map that covers all of the 22 walks. For each walk, we then provide a section of the master map pertaining to the specific walk, along with the route for the walk itself. There is also a graph showing the altitude, and numbered steps to guide you along each section of the walk. The steps are numbered on the maps and the graphs so it is simple to find the way from one section to another.

All of the walks in this book can be completed within a day. We begin with two short walks (~ 1 h) to help visitors acclimatise to the altitude and then three longer (~4 h) but relatively easy walks to familiarise them with the geography and topology of greater Mussoorie beyond the Library to the west and beyond the Picture Palace to the east. The rest of the walks take one further afield, and in some cases walkers will ascend and descend 1000 metres in a day.

The terrain around Mussoorie is steep, so some of the walks are quite strenuous. So take it easy for the first few days until you get your ‘mountain legs’. The times we have set aside for the walks include time for dawdling, lunch and admiring the views. We hope you come to love this place like we do!


"As regular visitors to Mussoorie, we've often thought it would be really helpful if we could get practical advice on the many possible walks around. It was wonderful to discover that someone has put in the effort and come out with a book that is so nicely done, with all the walk routes detailed and easy to follow." Shalini and Bharatesh, Bangalore.

Overview Map of the walks in the book: