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More details about the book

For each walk in the book there is a summary of the walking time, the distance, the level of difficulty, and the steepness and total metres of ascent. A summary of each of the walks is provided below:


George Everest House, Cloud End Loop (Walk 15)

This walk will take you out to the west of Mussoorie to the house once owned (and occupied) by George Everest (you know, the mountain). The house is also known as Hathipaon, which was the name Everest gave it. The house is currently a bit of a wreck, although it has not yet deteriorated to the state of a ‘ruin’. Indeed, the structure of the house, with its enormous ceiling beams, is still pretty solid, so one can walk from room to room and imagine what it would be like if restored and comfortably furnished. You can almost feel the warmth of the enormous open fire, but then your day-dreams will be interrupted by a cow wandering through the drawing room, giving you an accusatory look as if you might steal the silverware. Everest knew his geography; to the south west are fantastic views of the Doon Valley and to the north east are spectacular views of the snows with Mussoorie in the foreground. There is an optional hike up the hill behind the house; the top of the hill provides fantastic views and is a great place for a picnic lunch. Alternatively, you could break out the samosas at Everest’s House and give the hill a miss. From Everest’s House there is a walk across the valley and up the hill to Cloud End. Cloud End is a ‘resort’ with fantastic views. Sometimes it is closed, but if it is open, drop in for some chai and admire the views. 

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